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Providence Raptors book in The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe came to interview me about my new book, and they got super-lucky…. in one hour with me they saw two Peregrine Falcons, a Red-tailed Hawk, and a Cooper’s Hawk all hunting pigeons and starlings downtown. Thanks to Amanda Milkovits for writing a […]

Exclusive Raptor Feathers T-shirt (Birds of Prey)

Top row: Red-tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, Coopers Hawk, Harris’s Hawk. Bottom row: Red-shouldered Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Immature Golden Eagle, Male Kestrel, Female Kestrel Available in many styles and sizes for kids and adults, and in many colors CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE AND […]

Red-Tailed Hawks in Providence – best of 2017

This hawk successfully caught a pigeon in Burnside Park and put on a show for people at the bus stop. General Ambrose Burnside was a Union major general in the American Civil War and father of “side whiskers,” later known as sideburns. © 2017 Peter […]

Hungry Red-tailed Hawk Hunting in Providence

(Original post from 2013, updated) Some days, it seems I’m the only person who notices a hawk perched in plain sight… © 2013 Peter Green. All rights reserved. Walking in Kennedy Plaza today, I spotted a red-tailed hawk in a tree above a bus stop… […]

Highway Hawks

If you see a raptor perched along the highway, chances are it’s a Red-tailed Hawk. You certainly may see other raptors, but in my experience the Red-tailed Hawk is by far the most common. Why do they like highways? Food. A hawk can spot a […]

Red-Tailed Hawks Nest on Fire Escape in Providence

Back in 2010, a pair of Red-tailed Hawks constructed a nest and raised their chicks on a fire escape in downtown Providence. The location was vulnerable to pranksters so I decided not to share this photo series until the hawks were done nesting there altogether. […]

hungry hawk hunting in Providence

Some days, it seems I’m the only person who notices a hawk perched in plain sight… © 2013 Peter Green. All rights reserved. Walking in Kennedy Plaza today, I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk in a tree above a bus stop… © 2013 Peter Green. All […]

patriotic red-tailed hawk in providence

When days are warm, Providence’s Burnside Park is filled with people – but in colder months only pigeons remain… and the voracious hawks that come to hunt them. Today I photographed this handsome and hungry Red-tailed Hawk successfully catch, defeather, and consume a pigeon. It’s […]

red-tailed hawks nest on rhode island state house

Red-tailed Hawks were constructing a nest on the Rhode Island State House, but seem to have abandoned it now. These hawks can build a few nests before choosing which one to use for the season. © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter […]

Leucistic Red-Tailed Hawk in Lincoln, RI

Nope, this is not a Snowy Owl… this is a rare and elusive leucistic Red-tailed Hawk that lives in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Leucism is a condition in animals characterized by reduced pigmentation, similar to albinism. The dark eyes indicate this is an old bird and […]

flashback: downcity hawk rescue

On May 11, 2010, I got a call from a friend about a hawk that hit a downcity shop window and was now just sitting on the sidewalk… so I grabbed my camera and called RI DEM for advice and help. They sent officer Mark […]

providence raptors window display

My photography is on display thru the month of April 2011 in the windows of 65 Eddy Street in downtown Providence, behind City Hall. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved.