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Snow Leopards and Red Pandas in the snow

February was the perfect time to visit Roger Williams Park Zoo to photograph their beautiful Snow Leopards playing in the snow. Maliha is the female with the pink nose, and Sabu is the slightly larger male with a gray nose. They are obviously in love […]

Great Horned Owls nest in Great Blue Heron rookery

Great Horned Owls do not build their own nests – they use cavities in trees or take over nests built by other large birds. In the following series, an owl took over a nest built by a Great Blue Heron and raised her own owlets […]

Migratory ducks (updated)

This week some Hooded Mergansers visited downtown Providence – it continues to amuse me that I often see more species in the urban environment than I do when hiking in wildlife preserves – and I get closer to them too. Ducks are not raptors, of […]

red-bellied woodpecker tree hole

I’ve visited this tree hole a few times hoping to spot a Pileated Woodpecker, but always came up empty. Today I saw the true homeowners, Red-bellied Woodpeckers – not the large bird I was hoping for, but still very cool. Every few minutes, mom or […]

elephants walking thru downtown providence

The circus is in town – which means the elephants made their annual walk from the train station to the downtown arena. I kept my mouth shut and suspended judgement of treating intelligent creatures as performers… I simply tried to document the bizarre sight of […]

Squirrel Appreciation Day

It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day! Here are some pictures of squirrels licking sap :) © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter Green. […]

atlantic puffins in boothbay harbor, maine

I took a trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, to photograph the Atlantic Puffin colony: With those big colorful beaks, dark soulful eyes and a penguin-like appearance, it’s hard not to like them. Puffins can typically be found in the very chilly waters of the North […]

that’s not an owl…

I waited by this tree hole because I heard an owl lived inside… © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved.

great blue heron posing in providence

In addition to the annual swan nest in downtown Providence, there is often a Great Blue Heron at this location. I’m not sure why – I rarely see any fish in the shallow canal. Today the female swan was keeping her eggs warm and the […]

swans nesting in downtown providence

Every spring since 2008, I’ve watched swans sitting on eggs in downtown Providence, eagerly awaiting sight of the babies… and when they arrive, it’s truly adorable. But then it gets sad as they start to disappear one by one… likely due to predators like the […]

harbor seals in narragansett bay, newport

Did you know that harbor seals visit in Rhode Island in the wintertime? I didn’t, so yesterday I went on the Save The Bay: Seal Watch Cruise to check ’em out. from Surprising to many Rhode Islanders, harbor seals are common inhabitants of Narragansett […]

foster parrots / exotic wildlife sanctuary

Foster Parrots is an amazing exotic bird sanctuary in southern Rhode Island run by Marc Johnson and Karen Windsor. The exotic bird trade is a huge problem… countless species are becoming extinct in the wild, and there are thousands of unwanted pets in need of […]