The Rhode Show Interview
(WPRI-12) — Urban Wildlife Photographer Peter Green discusses new book & more

05/12/21 by Brendan Kirby

Exploring ‘Raptor Island’
Providence resident Peter Green has documented in his self-published book of photos the presence of hawks and falcons in the city. Green looks out the window of his downtown Providence apartment with binoculars watching for the birds. (DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF)

by Amanda Milkovits

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Talkin’ Birds Radio Show with Ray Brown
“On our latest show — direct from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Raptor Weekend in Bristol, R.I. — we talk with urban raptor photographer Peter Green.”

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A Quality of Place: The Grow Smart RI Podcast
“Peter Green of Providence Raptors joins host C.J. to discuss the interesting wildlife Peter has seen around the city of Providence as well as ways to make Providence more raptor-friendly!

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A City of Raptors
Photographer Peter Green documents the birds of prey that call Providence home

04/2017 by Tony Pacitti
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Birdwatching Gets Big in Rhode Island
Our avian friends are attracting all kinds of new fans

11/2015 by Mary Grady
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The Urban Bird World Inspires Local Photographer
Photographer Peter Green enjoys bird watching around Rhode Island. But his favorite spot is downtown Providence. Most people are too busy to notice birds of prey circling this urban setting. But Green has become something of an expert. “My specialty is downtown urban raptors,” said Green. “I like to have them on concrete and brick and metal and no trees in the picture because it just shows how amazing they are, that they’re right here.”

ZipCar: Behind The Wheel: Peter Green
To a red-tailed hawk, the streets of Providence look like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Rats, squirrels and mmmm, pigeons. A decaying habitat and lack of food has driven more large birds like hawks and owls to fly south in search of prey. The plentiful supply of food provided by urban centers has given Peter Green, a Zipster in Providence, a new passion – photographing wildlife, right in the middle of the city.


02/18/14 by Mandy Donovan
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Street Stories: Hawk Eye
(WPRI-12) — Peter Green has a ‘hawkeye’ for flying raptors that you might not notice as they swoop down on unsuspecting prey in Providence.

01/31/14 by Walt Buteau