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August means Ospreys

In August, young Ospreys leave their nests and learn to hunt with their parents – grabbing fish out of rivers and lakes all over the state. They are amazing anglers with specially adapted feet to catch and hold slippery fish. Head over to the water […]

Highway Hawks

If you see a raptor perched along the highway, chances are it’s a Red-tailed Hawk. You certainly may see other raptors, but in my experience the Red-tailed Hawk is by far the most common. Why do they like highways? Food. A hawk can spot a […]

osprey family photo diary

I’ve been keeping an eye on this huge Osprey nest for a few months now… and as you can see above, they have been keeping their eyes on me as well. Here’s mom sitting on eggs back in May: “Caution, Only Ospreys Allowed!”: © 2011 […]