foster parrots / exotic wildlife sanctuary
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foster parrots / exotic wildlife sanctuary

Foster Parrots is an amazing exotic bird sanctuary in southern Rhode Island run by Marc Johnson and Karen Windsor. The exotic bird trade is a huge problem… countless species are becoming extinct in the wild, and there are thousands of unwanted pets in need of homes. Many birds can live 50+ years and their owners simply cannot care for them that long. Plus, parrots are as LOUD as they are beautiful… in the wild they call to other birds that are miles away… they don’t belong in confinement.

From their website:

A sanctuary is a place of peace, comfort and safety for birds and animals. Many of the animals under our care now and in the future will have come from situations of neglect, abuse or exploitation at the hands of humans. Our goal is to accept birds and animals from harmful and/or stressful captive circumstances. To let them heal. To let them be the animals they were meant to be with companions of their own kind. Many rescued animals must overcome layers of fear. Parrots in particular often find it challenging to reconnect with their own species and to form natural relationships with other birds. By limiting human distraction and interaction we work to protect and encourage the process of assimilation. For this reason we hope that people can respect the sanctity of the mission, understanding that, while we do accept visitors by appointment, the NEEWS is not a public venue and its animals are not on exhibit.

March is an important fundraising month for the sanctuary:

the Annual Foster Parrots March Matching Fund Drive is our biggest and most important annual fundraising event. Because our dedicated support base is small, the participation of every single contributor is vital if we hope to reach our goal this spring. Your support provides food, veterinary care, toys and enrichments for over 550 resident parrots and other exotic animals at The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary. It supports our regional and national educational programs and our wild parrot/wildlife protection efforts in Guyana. It also fuels our ability to provide rescue services to parrots in crisis, and to find homes for unwanted parrots in transition. All donations dated in March have double the value up to $40,000!!!

Please consider a donation to Foster Parrots today, thank you.

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  1. AgentAndi
    Posted 12 Mar ’11 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    It’s lovely seeing all the birds together, instead of isolated in a cage.

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