Providence Raptors: The Musical
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Providence Raptors: The Musical

Announcing: Providence Raptors – The Musical!
Just kidding, but I do have some beautiful music to share…

Jamie Allen (a local composer, conductor, performer, and music educator) was inspired by my “Providence Raptors” book to compose five original pieces based on specific chapters. Performed on the recorder, they have an ancient, earthy sound that really connects with nature.

» Click here to listen to “Owls in the Cemetery”. The trill sounds are perfect.

You can hear more on Jamie’s website. Scroll to “Recorder” section and click on audio next to: Eyas, Hungry Hawks Hunting, Owl in the Cemetery, Teenager with Ferraris, and Cute & Colorful Little Killers. The works have been published by Lost In Time Press.

It’s a wonderfully unexpected surprise to inspire a composer with my photos and stories. Thank you, Jamie, and congratulations on your new position as Senior Director of Operations & Growth for the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School!

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