BIRD BOX Collaboration with Ohanga available now
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BIRD BOX Collaboration with Ohanga available now

Back in January, I reached out to Ohanga, a Rhode Island startup for creatives, to see if we could work together… Just a few months later, the limited edition BIRD BOX is available now!

Curated by Providence Raptors, sold by Ohanga:

The BIRD BOX includes my new book and exclusive raptor feather bookmarks I designed, printed on oak. Plus Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s guide to wildlife refuges, and cool bird-themed functional art from local New England creatives.

Ohanga, founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, is elevating hard-hit local art and artisanal businesses by driving art commerce through storytelling and inspiring communities to rely on locally created and sourced products.

The story this particular gift box tells is entertaining and also educational – instructing customers how to admire and safely engage with our wild neighbors. In the spirit of Ohanga Verified (local, sustainable, and fair trade) each purchase sustains the five or more New England creatives whose work is included within.

The BIRD BOX is one of several seasonally curated Ohanga gift boxes forthcoming this spring; they will be available for purchase online and in-person at Ohanga’s retail space on Thames Street in Newport.

Order the BIRD BOX from Ohanga

I’m excited to see my photo of Red-tailed Hawks on the cover of Etch Magazine – also included in the BIRD BOX.

Order the BIRD BOX from Ohanga

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